About Sarthi Digital

The term ‘Sarthi’ implies a charioteer. Just as a charioteer played a vital role in one of India’s famous mythologies, Sarthi Digital aims to successfully drive the diverse information technology needs of any businesses.

‘We drive Excellence’ is not only our motto but ingrained in our approach, methodology and execution.

The founders of the company, Mr. Jagat Pal Handa, Mr. Gorakh Nath Singh and Mr. Neeraj Kumar envisioned creating software solutions for businesses across the spectrum and for issues that are although generic in nature but require unique solutions. In 2016, in a 450. Sq.ft. room, gentlemen started from scratch with the aim of creating project solutions for taxation and accounting. One thing led to another and a company was set up providing software solutions to different businesses.

From 2016 till now, the company has created an app providing taxation and accounting solutions and undertaken website developments among other things. Sarthi Digital also succeeded in getting a project pertaining to support work and development for a telecom giant based in North America and is gaining work from that front exponentially. As time passed, Sarthi Digital has etched out a strong foothold within India and in North America.