Our Achievements

Sarthi Digital has the expertise for not only coding, designing and laying out a website based on client’s specifications, but also to integrate data from various back-end services and databases. Our employees are always in sync with the emerging technologies and well versed with industry trends.

Since inception, Sarthi Digital has successfully created and delivered several software development products.


Paras is an invoicing application that simplifies the GST filing process for small and medium businesses.

Analytics Dashboard

This project is solely a read only UI which shows the users different reports based on failed/passed/stuck transactions of customers present in their tool. The report is generated based on timelines and different types of features offered by the tool.

Mapping related project

The company delivered a project wherein the users could submit orders to an external system in bulk for any number of customers. It offers different types of order submissions like change, change pricing, validate etc. The progress of the transaction can also be tracked by the user.

Migration related projects

Customers were first intimated via mail, post card, SMS that such a migration would be executed shortly, then actually migrating the customers on a specific day for which manual tasks would be created, to be handled by project specified agents.

Migrating customers from one mailing system to another post intimation. This project involved migrating the customers with all the products they had from a particular system to another customised specific system. It also validated the customer for migration, doing the actual migration and ceasing the customer in the earlier system and activating them in the newly specified system.


Simplexiar IT Services

Project Scope: Website Design & Development


AVTEC — Powertrain Manufacturer in India

Project Scope: Website Design & Development


Industrial Grade Bluetooth Mesh Network

Project Scope: Website Design & Development